Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Lessons?

For Full Details on Pricing Please Click Here.

Where Are Lessons Taught?

We rent the aquatic facilities at Millsop Community Center in Weirton, WV. 

You can find directions here.

Why Does the Pool Charge Additional Fees?

Dream Big Swim Academy is an independent entity that is not affiliated with Millsop Community Center nor employed by the establishments. As such, the pool has its own daily admission fee. This fee applies to both members, and non-members. 

All admission fees are billed monthly and in advance along with your tuition. As fees are directly given to the Millsop Community Center on your behalf, DBSA discounts do not apply. 

Those fees are:  

$5.00/day for each person entering the water  

There is no fee to watch your child swim.

How Long is Each Lesson?

Infant classes, and children's private lessons are 30 minutes, once a week. We do offer hour long private lessons, but these are by instructor recommendation only, or for all adult classes.

Do you Offer Group Lessons?

Little Dreamers Infant Swim are our only group classes. They are available in warm weather months for maximum groups of 8-10 children, a parent must enter the water. There are 3 different Little Dreamers classes available, categorized by age. 

Students may begin private lessons at 18 months of age and this is recommended. 

For more information, see our Class Descriptions.

I Have Multiple Children. Do I get a discount?

Yes you do! 

Multi-child discount is 10% per child (excluding the facility entry fees).
You also get a discount if you take more than one class a week.
Multi-class discount: 2nd class = 15% off

Can I Pay for Lessons Week-to-Week?

No. Lessons are scheduled in one-month increments, paid in advance, and due in-full by the 1st of the month.

Do I Keep My Scheduled Time or Does It Change?

When you sign up for lessons, the day and time you have chosen is yours until you provide written withdrawal from program or until the seasonal hours change.  

Hours differ during the summer to accommodate the expected increased in family activities. Current program participants will be offered early access to the modified schedule.

What Happens If We Miss a Lesson?

We understand that children sometimes get sick or there may be conflicts with one of the lessons. We allow one make-up or rescheduled lesson per month ONLY if a 24 hour notice is given for cancellation.  Make-up lessons must take place within two weeks of the cancelled lesson, 

If proper notice is not given, or the lesson cannot be rescheduled, the lesson cannot be made up and payment is forfeited. This is to ensure that our instructors are compensated for their time, which includes the preparation necessary for each of our hand-written, prepared in advance, individual lesson plans.  

Additional make up lessons are available for an additional $5 fee.

(Little Dreamers Infant Swim classes do not have make up options for missed classes due to limited class availability and discounted pricing.)

Can I Sign-Up In Advance or Have a Time Held?

Due to the individual and specialized nature of our program, Dream Big Swim Academy’s availability is very limited. While we do offer a wait list for our program, we do not "hold" or "suspend"  lesson times or days for any reason. Should you decide to take a break, the same day and time cannot be guaranteed.

What Do I Need to Bring To Lessons?

We provide all equipment for lessons and ask that you leave personal toys, floaties, etc..., at home.

You will need to bring a swimsuit and a towel (we suggest 2). If he or she has long hair, you may want a swim cap or an elastic hair band. 

What Is Double Diapering?

Every child, under the age of 4 and those NOT COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED must  be "double diapered" per the heath department. "Double diapering" is wearing a snug-fitting, non-disposable swim diaper over a disposable swim diaper.

  • In the event that the pool must be closed due to fecal matter, parents or guardians of students who were found to be improperly diapered will be responsible for the total cost of pool and program closures ,cleaning and pool maintenance.

Which Wetsuit Should I Buy?

Wetsuits are designed to trap water inside the suit. It uses body heat to warm the water and maintain body temperature. Wetsuits should be snug fitting and made from the correct materials. 
Improperly fitting wetsuits will not work.

"Rashguards" (long sleeve shirts) are  not wetsuits. They are made from nylon and are for sun protection only. These do not provide any warmth. 

Material: NEOPRENE - nylon, cotton, and other materials do not provide warmth

Thickness: This is measured in millimeters - mm.  The greater the thickness, the warmer the suit.
• Very thin children or under age 4: 2 – 3mm
• Students in Tigerfish level or above: 1.5-2mm

Very thin children and those under 4 should have FULL length suits for colder months.
Children in Clownfish level or above should have “shorty” suits – short sleeves and legs to prevent movement from being restricted.

Several varieties are available in the School Store (app) or on Amazon. 

How Do We Keep Up-to-Date with Program Information?

The easiest way is our mobile app! You can receive push notifications about pool issues, lesson changes, emails, updates, and more!

We also utilize email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What is the difference between a swim school and a swim program?

Dream Big Swim Academy is an accredited swim school and NOT a swim lessons program.   

  • Swim Program - Swim programs vary. Teaching and qualifications depend on the facility.  Most swim programs do not have their own curriculum and use an outside organization such as the Red Cross or StarFish Aquatics IF they require instructors to be certified.  Swim programs are unregulated and not required to have standards of teaching or have all instructors certified. (Most places use untrained lifeguards.)  
  • Swim School - Swim Schools are members of a governing body such as the United States Swim School Association and are required to meet certain criteria and teaching standards to receive and maintain accreditation. To keep accreditation, swim schools are required to participate in continuing education such as conferences and clinics and implement current teaching methods and philosophies.  Swim schools may develop and use their own curriculum that meet accepted guidelines for the current teaching principles. The curriculum must be written into a standardized format.   
  • As a swim school, Dream Big Swim Academy has developed its own curriculum that has been peer-reviewed by swim schools across the country.  Our curriculum and teaching philosophy have met and exceeded the standards required to be nationally accepted and other organizations now use our curriculum.  

What are your qualifications and certifications?

 As an accredited swim school, DBSA is permitted to provide its own certification to instructors through its instructor training program. 

The Dream Big Swim Academy instructor training program is 80+ hours (not including CPR/First Aid).  Our program includes an instructor workbook and teaching manual.  Our training requires a minimum of 60 hours of in-pool, hands-on training with a senior instructor, online video course work, and classroom education including child growth and development. CPR/First Aid training and certification are also provided. 

  • After completing the instructor training course, new instructors are placed on a 60 day probationary period and monitored by a senior instructor. 
  • Instructors are given the option to do Lifeguard training. 
  • Current instructors are required to attend in-service training twice a year to maintain certification.