Do You Know ALL the Benefits of Swimming?

Self - Confidence

With every new stroke a child learns, they will be developing self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Learning to swim will also help your child learn how to set goals and persevere until they have reached their target. Swimming is also a great means of showing your child what they can achieve with dedication and regular practice. Speedo's research has also shown that swimming can make us feel more confident about the way we look.

Relaxing, Peaceful


Swimming is a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise that is great for alleviating stress, improving coordination, balance and posture, and improving flexibility

It makes you smarter

Swimming is all about setting goals and achieving them. Swimmers are driven to reduce the time it takes them to finish a lap or two, or more!

The non-stop focus on numbers translates well within the classroom by reinforcing the desire to achieve better and greater results; cultivating the drive to reach higher each day. Swimmers learn to focus at highly productive levels, and to take directions, and make quicker decisions than non-swimmers.

Growing Pains


As children grow, they can sometimes become clumsy, and awkward. They have to learn to balance themselves on land all over again, and the water is no different! Swimming year round keeps up with their changing bodies and makes sure they know how to overcome the challenge of how to stay buoyant when there's more body to balance.  



It's a rare sport that actually levels the playing field. 

You can control the pace, intensity, and outcome of every swim session.

Social benefits

Swimming is generally considered an individual sport, but swimming lessons will give your child an opportunity to develop their social skills such as how to respect other people's space, that everyone has a different body and learns at a different rate, and how to act appropriately around others.