Why Dream Big Swim Academy?


All Disabilities Welcome!

  • Accredited swim school that welcomes all ages and disabilities.
  • Minimal floatation device school - We want your child to SWIM, not float. 
  • Individualized Curriculum that is flexible and designed for natural growth & development
  • Focus on safety both in and out of water
  • Certified Infant Survival and Swim Classes taught by an instructor with 18+ years experience.
  • Personalized teaching for each student
  • Instructor training program and continuing education requirements

ALL disabilities are welcome!  We specialize in teaching students with ASD or SPD.  

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  • Increased confidence, physical strength & coordination, and mental focus
  • Life-long skills developed
  • Safer, more aware, and "water smart" students
  • Level and skills checklists to track progress at home
  • Progress reports and achievement certificates 
  • Ribbons, stickers, treasure box, or a surprise each lesson for continued motivatio

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  • Proven results - our students swim independently with no flotation at very young ages
    • Our students begin learning stroke-techniques as early as 3 years old.
  • Certified instructors with a TWO MONTH training program and mandatory continuing education
  • Easy online access to class scheduling, news, and more
  • Mobile app puts scheduling, notifications, payments, more right at your fingertips
  • You choose the day & time that works for you!
  • Year-round, consistent instruction 

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