Not Your Typical Swim Lesson

Dream Big Swim Academy is a developmental program that embraces the emotional and physical growth of students, along with all aspects of swimming and water safety. Our teaching approach augments, and reinforces life-skills and development beyond the pool as well.  Lessons run all year for the maximum benefit.

We are a minimal flotation style school.  While you may see other organizations/individuals teaching with backpacks or other flotation devices, we try to limit the use of these objects as it promotes a false sense of security and also inhibits natural development.  Dream Big Swim Academy focuses on breath control, balance & buoyancy and then movement to develop confident, strong and independent swimmers.

We have 3 categories of lessons: 

Private Lessons (18 months and older): Year-round

Little Dreamers Infant classes.: Seasonal 

Dream Big Swim Academy the ONLY nationally accredited swim school in the tri-state area. Don’t be fooled by others who “teach” swimming lessons!!  All of our instructors go through a minimum of 60 hours of training and are always overseen by the head instructor.  Additionally, we are the ONLY swimming instruction with Infant and Toddler course work training. 

We also offer Lifeguarding and CPR/First Aid courses periodically. 

Pool Hours

M – 3:00-7:30
T – 12:00-7:30
W – 3:00-7:30
Th – 3:00-7:30
Sat – 9:30-12:30

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Program Overview


 Our private lessons are taught one-on-one with a specially trained instructor. Our lessons meet once a week for either 1/2 hour or 1 hour sessions, depending on the student’s skill level. Children over the age of 18 months may participate in our private lessons. We accept students at any skill level, at any age, and with any disability. We specialize in adaptive techniques!! Dream Big Swim Academy also takes students who need stroke and technique refinement.


We believe in positive reinforcement and encouraging students to succeed. With this goal in mind, Dream Big Swim Academy has developed a reward program. While each student receives a small incentive after each lesson (stickers/treasure box prizes), they have a personalized “treasure map” for a monthly rewards. “Secret ribbons" are given for major accomplishments, but we won’t tell you what skills, so it’s always a surprise! In addition, students also receive a copy of the level skill card where they have been placed.  Each card contains a “checklist” of skills that have to be met in order to move up into the next level.  Not only does this help the parents and students track progress, but it encourages students to work to achieve goals.  When students graduate to a new level, they receive a certificate of achievement!

We provide parents with quarterly progress reports to keep you updated on your student’s successes, as well.

All of our classes take place in a safe and stimulating atmosphere where students thrive. 


Dream Big Swim Academy's curriculum has been time tested and proven more effective than the typical group lessons.

With over 18 years of teaching experience, Dream Big Swim Academy uses the most efficient and beneficial skill training. We believe in a minimal flotation teaching style to develop self confidence and strength from the beginning. Most of our children swim independently before the age of 4. Many of our 5-6 year olds are already working on competitive strokes or join a swim league. Older ages learn competitive swimming, water rescue skills, and some life-guarding skills. Our goal here at Dream Big Swim Academy is to teach your child to swim with the safest, most efficient, effective, and fun instruction possible.  Safety is the number one priority, and is continually emphasised during lessons.  We teach our students to be “water safe,” and not simply swim.